Welcome to the Blog

Thanks for checking out this latest communication tool we want to use at Coast Community.  Our hope is that the posts on this blog will be helpful in sharing thoughts, information, and ideas that will build up the Body of Christ and give even greater strength and unity to our local church. 

Please feel free to comment and share your reflections and feedback on the different posts.  Also let us know if there are certain things you would like us to write about here.  Pastor Jake and I will both be contributing as well as other guest contributors from time to time. 

We’re excited that we can kick this blog off with our trip to the Nazarene General Assembly in Orlando, FL.  Pastor Jake and Laura are already there, making important decisions for the youth ministry of our denomination.  My family and I will be joining them and thousands of other Nazarenes from all around the world today.  You can follow our blog to hear about our experiences and personal highlights, as well as news from the Assembly floor.  We are looking forward to a great week!

And we are looking forward to the interaction and communication this blog will bring.  Thanks for checking it out!  We will be working on it and developing it over the next few weeks so check in often to see the changes.  Blessings-


2 thoughts on “Welcome to the Blog

  1. Loved reading about your adventure! I feel almost like I’ve experienced some of the excitement personally. It’s always so awesome to be in a congregation of believers and to imagine 25,000! Yikees. We miss you guys. Lots and lots of prayers are being offered up from those back home who love you. See you soon. Blessings.

  2. Hi Coast Community Bloggers,

    Just wanted to check in as I surf the archives. I’m catching up on the CCCN Blog starting right at the begining! There is a lot of great encouragement here.

    When is God good? All the time!



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