We made it…

Going Cross-Country
Going Cross-Country

Still hard to believe you can get on a plan in the morning on one side of the country, and be to the other side on the same day!  We had a little delay on our flight out of Las Vegas so we didn’t make it to our hotel until about 2 AM local time, but we got some good sleep when we finally hit the pillows.

Our first day at General Assembly yesterday involved walking through the exhibit hall and seeing a lot of old friends.  We also got to watch Pastor Jake play the guitar for the worship team to kick off the afternoon session of the NMI Convention.  It is a little hot a steamy here in Orlando, but we’re going to make it just fine.  Many other activities, meetings and workshops today finishing up with a service tonight in which retiring General Superintendent Jim Diehl will be preaching.  For those who may have heard him speak at a District Assembly, you know what a treat we are in for. 



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