Wrapping it up in Orlando

The Epcot Icon
The Epcot Icon

Lots of fun times yesterday as we visited Epcot Center in DisneyWorld here in Orlando.  We have enjoyed the international flavor of General Assembly this week, and it was fitting to stroll through the various countries and cultures presented in the “World Showcase” area of Epcot.  Also, riding “Soarin'” – a film that makes you feel like you are hang gliding over different spots in California – made us anxious to get on home…

But before we finished up, there was another solid day of business to attend to, and a final general superintendent to elect.  On Tuesday, the assembly elected two of the necessary three.  You can read more about the first one elected, Dr. Eugenio Duarte here.  His was a historic election as he becomes the first non-American, non-white general in our denomination’s history.  You can also find out more about the second elected, Dr. John Bowling, here.  Today, along with a number of significant resolutions being discussed – some passing, others being rejected – we elected the third G.S. of the assembly, Dr. David Graves.  

Thanks be to God for these three new leaders and for the rest of the good work of the assembly!  Even amidst times of debate there remained a sweet spirit of unity and purpose.  We come through this time more committed as a denomination than ever to the mission of “Making Christlike Disciples in the Nations.” 

Thanks for following along with us on this remarkable journey.  Thanks also for your prayers for the Duckworths and for our family.  We look forward to getting home and seeing you all very soon!


One thought on “Wrapping it up in Orlando

  1. Good stuff, J and J.
    Thanks for the detail. Definitely seemed “conferency” and like you had good catch-up/worship time. Love Cady in some of those pictures. Kids are open books, I tell ya.
    Question for Jake: the Youth Conference in 2011 – I’m assuming that we take our “youths” there – or is it just for staff?
    Loved the fact that you felt a spirit of unity amongst the debating…that’s a super good sign…

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