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Be God's Friend!
Be God's Friend!

Vacation Bible School 2009 is off and running!  Last night 86 children joined us as we listened to a Bible story, sang some catchy tunes, ate some tasty snacks, made some neat-o crafts, and played some crazy games.  This week we are going to discover “the mystery of God’s great plan” and I know that it is going to be an amazing time for kids to have a lot of fun and to grow in their faith.  Did you know that the two are not mutually exlusive?  Please pray for each child and for the families that are represented each night.  God does have a great plan in mind for each one!

Also remember in your prayers the workers who are giving their all each and every night this week.  They are giving extra hours so God can be glorified and these kids can experience His love and truth.  I am grateful every year for the team that God puts together to be able to pull off something like this.  It is an outstanding ministry to our church and our community and we should be very thankful.  In reference to my message this last Sunday, it is clear that this team of workers has chosen service over status, that they care much more about what God thinks than what others think, and that they are intent not on getting for themselves but on giving to others.  Praise be to God!


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