Church Growth…

Baby Tiago El-Aaidi has arrived to parents Danny and Josefina!  He was born Thursday afternoon and came in at 5 lbs. 13 oz. and 19 1/2 inches or so.  He is a few weeks early so he is in NICU at the Ventura Hospital but seems to be doing very well. 

We have been praying hard for Josefina during her pregnancy as she has had some health issues to deal with that made it hard on her and the baby.  So we praise God for a safe delivery and a healthy baby and mama.  Thanks for your continued prayers!  We love this kind of church growth as much as any other and look forward to surrounding this little boy with love and encouragement as he grows to become the person God has uniquely designed him to be!  

Josefina should be coming home from the hospital on Saturday but Tiago will have to remain for a while longer until the NICU sets him free.  We will have a calendar available at church on Sunday to sign up to bring a meal to the El-Aaidis over the next couple of weeks.   Here’s a picture of Tiago all wrapped up.  He’s a good looking boy – tough to go wrong with those good looking parents!

Baby Tiago
Baby Tiago

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