Wedding Bells

This past Saturday I had the privilege of attending the celebration of Ken and Loretta Minor’s 50th wedding anniversary and then officiating the wedding of Ryan Bennett and Jessica Caswell.  Needless to say, I had a full day of celebrating marriage.  And what a great day it was! 
Cake anyone? (photo by Chelsea)  The rise of divorce rates in our day and the number of couples choosing to simply live together without getting married reveal a trend that most of us are all too aware of already – marriages, and even the idea of marriage, are under enemy attack.  Satan undoubtedly knows that if he can chip away at marriages (especially those between Christians), and if he can discredit the whole institution of marriage in the eyes of younger people, then ultimately he can not only tear apart families and cause a lot of pain to individuals, but he can undermine such core Christian values as trust, commitment and integrity. 
If you are married, I hope you will consider today that your marriage is not just about you, or your spouse.  You and your marriage are part of a bigger story, a larger battle being waged that we are not always aware of.  I pray that God will give you grace and strength, the training and the skill to fight the good fight.  If you are not married, would you simply pray for your enlisted friends?  I’m thankful for people like Ken and Loretta, who have realized that their marriage is not just about bringing them each an amount of personal happiness or security, but about being allied with God to promote His way of doing things in this world – the way of forgiveness, grace and love.  And I’m thankful for Ryan and Jessica too, who are willing (despite all the bad publicity) to join them on the frontlines.     

One thought on “Wedding Bells

  1. Thank you for the encouragement and reminder. Communication is what binds us and breaks us…and God in the middle is the third part of the chord that keeps us binded well. Heady words – but just true. I am often reminded that God has bound Rob and I and HIMSELF together…and it takes work! Blessings right back at ya, PJ.

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