New Starts

Lots of new starts happen each fall…start of a new school year, start of a new football season, start of  new TV shows and episodes (anything good on this year?).  It is a great opportunity to start fresh after a long summer and make a strong push to the end of the year!  If you have been around Coast Community very much this fall, you are aware that we are also experiencing our share of new starts.  Not only have we had the traditional new starts to Sunday School and Growth Groups, but this year we have also started up a new website at and a new Saturday night worship service in Carpinteria. 

For those of you who have been checking lately, you may have been wondering if we were ever going to make a new start on this blog as well.  I am happy to announce that the blog is alive and kicking and we will be attempting to do a better job at staying current.  Our hope is to keep you up with “real-time” activities, ideas and news at Coast Community.  Let us know if there are topics you would like us to address here or questions you would like us to answer.  Also, let us know if you would be interested in being a “guest-blogger” from time to time so we can be hearing from several voices at Coast Community.  

I’m looking forward to finding out where God will take us on all of these “new starts”.  And I’m looking forward to going there with you!

Opening Night
Opening Night in Carpinteria

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