The Eyes of Jesus

This week I’ve been reminded of the need to see people and circumstances through the eyes of Jesus.  How easy it is to become frustrated, bitter or cynical with the world around us when we fail to do this.  One author suggests that when we see people and issues as Jesus does we can begin to observe not only problems but potential, not only sinfulness but possible saintliness, not only brokenness but also future wholeness
To the person who sees the world through the eyes of Jesus, challenging situations will become opportunities for God to do His best work and difficult people will become the recipients of our extra grace.  Circumstances beyond our control will lead us to our knees in prayer and while we are there we’ll lift up the folks who have been hurtful toward us realizing that they are most likely experiencing great hurt themselves.  “Father, forgive them for they do not know what they are doing.”
So what impact on our lives would there be if we began to see the world around us more and more as Jesus does?  No doubt we would speak to people with greater kindness; we would react to situations with patience and trust; we would pray with increased fervency and confidence; we would experience deeper peace and rest.  Wow – that sounds pretty good doesn’t it?  Why not take a positive step in this direction and pray this simple prayer right now… 
Holy Spirit, retrain my vision and give me the eyes to see people and circumstances as Jesus does.  Help the way that I see to impact the way that I think and ultimately the way that I act.  And may it all be so through your power and presence at work within me and for the glory of God.  Amen.               

2 thoughts on “The Eyes of Jesus

  1. Again, great words. Going to write “see” on my hand tomorrow – I’ll let ya know how my attitude/actions will have changed. I know they will…
    Thanks for the encouragement. Love the new website. Easy, classy, totally informative of us Naz folks and life with us.
    PS I’m going to be askin’ you, too, PJ about how these next 3 days were different with “see, think, act” on the brain…See you Sunday.

  2. Yeah, wouldn’t you know that this idea would be tested just a short time after I wrote it. It took me a second but I think I shifted into “Jesus-vision” mode and responded in a better way. Let’s stay after it…it’s worth it for sure!

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