Are You One of Those…

Who have turned to Jesus Christ for new life, hope, and salvation?

Who are not enticed by get-rich gimmicks, but are content with bread and bed and roof and family circle?

Who are not tempted by impromptu messiahs, but walk with the confident pace of those who know a wise and gentle Shepherd who leads them to still waters and green pastures?

Who are not tortured by fears of tomorrow, but face the future like the sea at rest?

Who are not despairing because of past shame, but rejoice in the grace of sins freely forgiven?

Who are not devoured by lust, but keep the sensual subordinate to sanctity?

Who are not disillusioned by pain, but embrace the assurance that God will surely use their suffering redemptively?

Who are not devastated by rootlessness, but build on a sure foundation?

Who are not destroyed by selfishness, but pour out their lives for Christ and others?

Reflecting God


One thought on “Are You One of Those…

  1. So I’m reading along, without a care in the world, when – Whammo! It’s that 4th one that gets me most-often. How to live in the “present” – to see it as a gift and remember that I have no control of what’s to come? My “planner mind” seems to do me in sometimes. Rest in Him…and pray, pray, pray.

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