Turning Up the Heat: Pt. 2 – Fellowship

It’s been a little cooler this week, dropped all the way down into the 60s I think.  Will we survive?  Even though we are feeling a bit chilly, I’m continuing to think about how we can turn up the temperature of our church life.  Last week I wrote about prayer and this week I want to hit on fellowship for just a few moments.   

fellowshipThe big, Bible/Greek word for fellowship is koinonia.  This word speaks of sharing close relationships and doing life together.  More than just a handshake or a slap on the back, Christian fellowship is about connecting, caring and creating authentic community.  A genuine experience of koinonia will include a a sense of unity, meaningful friendships and practical expressions of love and compassion.

No doubt Coast Community is a very friendly church – it is probably one of the things that drew you to our church.  However, I think we would agree that there are always different things we can do to make our fellowship even warmer – even when we gather on a Saturday night or Sunday morning.     

All of us can partner together to make a new visitor feel at home.  Introduce yourself, share a kind word, invite them to sit with you in worship.  Sometimes it is the person who has been away for awhile who needs to hear words of warmth and encouragement instead of questions like “where ya been?”  And may we never forget the person who is here week in and week out who still needs a hug, a smile, or a word of affirmation.  It is amazing how the little things, done or undone, can make an environment either warm and cozy or hard and cold.      

So what small step can you take, even this Sunday, to make the koinonia of Coast Community even warmer and sweeter?  Perhaps some of you are interested in becoming a part of the official hospitality team (greeters, ushers, refreshments).  If so leave a comment below or email me at james@sbnaz.com.  For others it will be a less official but no less significant role.  Let’s be intentional as we partner together, and with God, to create an environment where Community is more than just part of our name.


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