Baby Boom…continued

Kaitlin Anne Webber
Kaitlin Anne Webber

We have been incredibly blessed to have four new babies born into the Coast Community family over the last four months or so.  Tiago El-Aaidi, Clara Kirchmaier, Kaitlin Webber, and Josiah Duckworth – the last of whom just entered into the world last night around 10 PM. 

These children are absolutely beautiful reminders of God’s grace and power, his creativity and love.  These children are also ones that we have the privilege of caring for as a community of faith and helping to bring up in the ways of Jesus. 

Let’s continue to pray for all of these families in this new season and trust together for God’s strength and wisdom to be abundantly available to all.

Josiah Duckworth
Josiah Duckworth

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