Worship Fully!

This past Sunday we talked about making worship the priority this Advent Season.  Remember that worship is much more than singing a song or feeling warm inside.  Worship is about responding to all that God has done for us not only with our songs but with our lives.  In fact, the Bible says that our “spiritual act of worship” is to offer our bodies as “living sacrifices, holy and pleasing to God!”
I’ve been thinking about how we can best worship God with our lives and one approach I’ve come up with is simply the AAA approach.  It won’t help your driving but it might help your relationship with God.
The first A is for awareness.  To worship God is to cultivate an awareness of Him throughout our day.  It is to recognize his presence all around you and in the faces of those in need.  It is to understand that nothing we do is outside of his view and that we are to be faithful to His cause. 
The second A is for attention.  This just means that to worship God each day will mean that we remain attentive to his promptings and guidance in every moment.  God will lead us, he will teach us and help us through difficult situations, but we must be paying attention when he speaks. 
The final A is for appreciation.  This is the part of worship where we just find stillness in his presence and speak words of gratitude and blessing.  To appreciate God is simply to not take him for granted – something that we do all to often.  It is to live in awe of him and for our actions to reveal our thankfulness to him as well.
Let your worship of the Babe who was King at his birth stir up creative and unique expressions of worship this Advent.  Who knows what he might do with our bodies and our lives as we lay them on his altar of love!   

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