Conspiring together…

This week in the Advent Conspiracy we have been thinking about how we can express our worship to God and refocus our attention on Jesus by spending less.  It really is less about dollars and cents and more about the transformation of our hearts.  It is interesting to consider how God might move in our lives in new ways if we were to take a simple but tangible step like just spending a few less bucks at Christmas.    

Many of us gathered tonight for a time of reflection and interaction around this theme at our “Advent Reflections”.  It has been good these weeks to slow down and spend time together as the Body of Christ as we “conspire” together to once again let the account of Jesus’ birth be the shaping story in our lives at this season. 

Watch the video below for a little less serious approach to the “spend less” push.  Reverend Billy is an actor who has taken on the character of a televangelist to speak out in protest against commercialism and consumerism in our culture.  He was featured in the documentary, “What Would Jesus Buy” and has been interviewed on many TV news programs.  He is obviously mocking preachers, but since I am one and I’m not offended, you don’t need to be either.  Just have a good laugh and let him make you think a little bit more about your role in the “conspiracy.”  I say changelujah!   


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