Growing an Engaged Church

We’re off and running with the results from the Gallup ME25 Survey that we took at Coast Community in January.  Thanks again to everybody who participated in the survey and to our church board and special “task force” for their work in interpreting the results and recommending action.  If you missed it, this past Sunday Mark Fredrickson shared with the congregation the results of the survey and some of the next steps to be taken. 

Our leadership team is really excited about this process because it is helping us to identify some areas of “Strength” and some areas of “struggle” that we can purposefully and proactively respond to as a church.  The goal is that we will keep moving beyond simply “doing” church and truly “be” the church that God has called us to be.  It is when this is happening that we will grow more effective in making disciples and in touching our world.

So, I hope you will plan to come and be a part of our “community conversation” as we work towards increasing the level of engagement within our congregation.  We will meet on Sunday morning, March 7 before the worship service from 9:00 to 9:45.  At that point we will be answering any questions you may still have about the survey and listening to your ideas and input relating to the areas of ministry we have chosen to address specifically. 

We are looking forward to working together to grow a more engaged church and we hope that you will be a part!


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