Praying Together

In the immortal words of the great theologian M.C. Hammer, “We pray (pray), oh yeah we pray (pray), we got to pray just to make it today!”  The wise Dr. Hammer was right! (See the video below for appropriate inspiration.)  We do need to pray, not just because we need God to help us and to protect us and provide for us, but because we need to talk to him, to spend time with him, and to let a little bit more of him rub off on us.
Prayer is a key part of everything we do at Coast Community and one of our highest values.  We have groups that meet at the church specifically for prayer on Wednesday afternoons at 4:30 and Sunday mornings at 9:15, we have prayer teams that are here to pray with you after worship services on Sunday mornings, and we encourage everyone to spend time in personal prayer on a regular basis.
One other way that we like to highlight prayer from time to time is in a special All-Church prayer meeting.  These are times when the whole body comes together for no other reason than simply to seek after God and to bring before him the needs and concerns of our community and beyond.  From time to time we have even gathered with other churches to do this as a way of demonstrating our unity in Jesus and our shared dependency on him.
On Sunday, March 21 from 6-7:30PM we will again gather with two other churches in our community for an evening of prayer and worship.  We will be meeting at New Life Church on Alamar to join with this church body and the good folks from Bethany Congregational Church in lifting one united voice to the Lord.  What a great opportunity to meet other believers and share in this great privilege of prayer together.  Who knows how God will reveal himself that evening and in the days that follow as a result of our praying together.  NOBODY KNOWS!  That’s what makes it so exciting and why none of us should miss out on this evening.  Put it on your calendars – only 9 days from now – and get ready for an amazing time.   

2 thoughts on “Praying Together

  1. Key to life there, friend. I loved Ky’s analogy last year to our relationship with God akin to a relationship of parent/child. The parent loves any interaction with their child; discussions of who, when, where, why, how are exactly how the child learns about life and grows positively. And wouldn’t it be crazy if that child tried to figure everything out by themselves…when that parent is right there, waiting to help guide?!? Seems absurd. And yet, we do it all of the time with Jesus…
    Thanks for this reminder. And the cheezy video. Let’s not mention that I did a hip-hop dance to this my senior year in high school and received many accolades, ok? That was then, this is now. I’ll stick to prayer…

  2. Am I hearing a little throwback hip-hop for the Talent Show? Maybe you could just do it with a puppet? Keep praying sister – thanks for what you are doing with the teen girls too! Excited about that. Peace-

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