Thanks Coast Community!

Here’s a note I received from my friend Edwin – thanks for stepping up to be the hands and feet of Jesus to this family! 

January 26, 2011

Coast Community Church of the Nazarene
4973 Via Los Santos Rd.
Santa Barbara, CA 93111

Dear Pastor James, Kyla and the Coast Community Church,

For much of the world Christmas is celebrated with gifts and presents for each other. It becomes a time of letting others know what they want and making sure that those who are in their home have all that they desire.

Then there are the least of these. Described in Matthew 25 as those who are hungry, poor (without clothes) thirsty, infirmed, imprisoned and the stranger. I work with the least of these on a regular basis. For them Christmas is a day to remember that they do not have, that they live a different existence than most in our community.

In December I called you to let you know about a family who was in desperate need.  Without breeching confidentiality it was a family with four kids who had no money, no clothes no basic needs. The children were without shelter for awhile and had recently moved to your community. They were strangers.

After I called Pastor James, he and Kyla met with the family and surrounded them with love. Love as described in 1 John 3:18. A love displayed with actions and truth. I was so overwhelmed when the family reported back that on the initial contact they received an ample supply of diapers, food, clothes and a grocery card. Then, as if that was not enough you gave them: $400 in gift cards that they could use to get Christmas presents.

As I reflect on my own Christmas of 2010, this news is and will continue to be a highlight.  That there exists a church that cares about the children that the Father cares about, makes me rejoice that there are four children who now know that the people of God love them and care about them. There are four children who now know that a Christian is one who loves them both in word and deed.

Thank you for making my Advent and Christmas Season one of joy and thanksgiving. More importantly thank you for loving this family.

Edwin Weaver, MSW, ACSW
Social Services Supervisor
Child Welfare Services


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